Travel Trunk, sculpture, piano rolls, Braille paper, scissors, string


My art practice is a scale, an attempt to measure the immeasurable: a voice, a series of embraces, a home. To measure moments and memory, my work consumes itself, building upon remnants of other pieces and revisiting the same coveted objects in new contexts. Reorganizing and rebuilding allows me to look back on my own upbringing in Wyoming.  Perhaps learning what it means to build a home will allow me to accept the reality of living within that home.  My domesticity unraveled and re-imagined.

Revisions is an installation of made and found objects. The process of re-use speaks to the human condition of continually encountering familiar people, objects, and places in a constant process of re-contextualization. My mother and father are almost gone, sometimes unrecognizable. Their frail frames covered in paper-thin skin replace once solid pillars of structure and control. Time has changed their purpose and my perception.  Revisions visually re-contextualizes my parents as domestic objects: a protective structural facade, as vulnerable as paper near a sharp edge.